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Improve Workplace Safety This Year With These 3 Great Tips


removable non slip stair treads

If you're in charge of overseeing construction workers at any job, workplace safety needs to be your number one priority. From anti slip tape for stairs to improving safety training at the employee level, there are plenty of ways for you to limit workplace injuries and keep yourself and everyone onsite safe.

Here are some helpful tips to consider for improving workplace safety:

  • Quality safety training and on boarding -- From the 30-year experienced worker to the brand-new hire, every single employee must be fully aware of your companyís safety procedures and be prepared to perform the various tasks of the job. In addition to simply staying up-to-date on the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) standards, you need to constantly be offering job-specific safety training for every worker on your payroll.

  • Install removable non slip stair treads -- Across the United States, approximately 12,000 workplace injuries a year are attributed to slips, trips, and falls. With removable non slip stair treads, you can ensure that yourself and every worker on site can maneuver throughout the area with increased traction and arenít as likely to slip on stairs. Because these stair treads are removable, you can simply bring them to and from any worksite and essentially prevent slip, trip, and fall injuries. Additionally, if there are ramps at a worksite instead of stairs, there are quality safety strips that can improve traction for ramps as well.

  • Mark off high-risk areas -- If there are certain areas at a job site that require a high level of training to even access, you must clearly identify these areas to keep everyone out. Certain heavy machinery, for example, can only be operated by one or two employees on shift, so everyone else needs to stay away. By using fluorescent reflective tape, youíll be able to clearly designate specific high-risk areas.

If you want to learn more about improving safety in the workplace or find reflective tape, safety strips for ramps, or removable non slip stair treads, give Safe Way Traction a call right away.

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